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Wellborn collection up for auction


Are you a muscle car lover?

Well you’re just in luck, as Alexander City’s Tim and Pam Wellborn are yet again preparing to offer a chance to own a piece of their prized collection.

Two years ago, the Wellborns had a record-setting auction when they put a piece of their collection up for auction at Mecum’s Auction in Kissimmee. They will again put 11 of their prized collection cars up for auction, which have been in the Wellborn Muclecar Musuem.

“It’s always a big draw when the Wellborns offer up part of their collection, “ said John Kraman, who is the director of consignment for Mecum and the Host of the auction broadcasts on NBCSN. “When people get to see part of his collection they know they will get the best of the best. The cars that he has are coveted.”

With Tim Wellborn’s appearance in auctions at the auction in 2016, he has been a regular on Mecum broadcasts. In October, he said that the cars he is planning to sell will give him a chance to change things up at the museum.

Among the cars up for auction are a classic 1971 Dodge Hemi Charger R/T that hs about 9,800 miles and was just one of the 63 produced that year.

Wellborn will also put up two prized Corvettes as well as another 1971 Plymouth GTX and a classic 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Convertible that served as the well-cared for Wellborn Museum’s Demonstrator, plus others.

Kraman said that since the event will last for 10 days, it is hard to say when the collection will actually be up for sale but it seems more than likely it will be on Saturday, Jan. 14.

In addition being it aired on NBCSN, it will also stream live on the Mecum website.


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