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$7 million LaFerrari is the most expensive car sold in the past century


Over the past weekend, the most expensive car to be auctioned off at an auction in the past century was sold for an astounding $7 million. The car that was sold was a limited edition LaFerrari, which was custom made and donated to charity for the National Italian American Foundation’s Earthquake Relief Fund. Also auctioneers, RM Sotheby’s, also donated their expertise for this event. The car has an Italian flag painted at the front and with only 499 units made, this car would make it the 500th unit to be produced and this to be last, as it was produced for a special cause.

This custom made LaFerrari is a 949-horsepower hybrid which is painted in classic red with a white “dream line” on the hood and also of course as mentioned an Italian flag painted at the front of the hood. The car went for five times it’s original price of a price tag of $1.5 million for a LaFerrari. However, as mentioned since there are only 499 previous units it would make a collectors item for many car collectors our there. Even nowadays, LaFerrari’s average a $5 million price tag at auctions.


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