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Auction gold: Baseball memorabilia


Nearly a hundred years since being prohibited from baseball after being implicated in the Black Sox scandal, “Shoeless Joe” Jackson, who passed away in 1951, captivated followers of America’s pastime. That is why anything from the legendary slugger draws in a lot of money in the baseball memorabilia market.

One of Jackson’s bats fetched $583,500 at a Christie’s auction. And in the past a certificate for the sale of a cigar store and pool room of Jackson’s which was sold to his former teammate, “Lefty” Claude Williams, went for $81,250.

Moreover, a 1908 team picture of the Greenville Spinners’ that included Jackson sold for $32,500.


Moreover, Negro League items seem to have picked up a lot of interest from baseball fans alike because of the scarcity of these items and just from the increased general public interest of the sport.

The iconic players that seem to drive the market are — the Lou Gehrigs, the Babe Ruths. Obviously, Shoeless Joe Jackson. There also has been an amazing result with a Hank Aaron photograph selling for $26,000.

Source: CBSNews



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