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Dana Point’s priciest house up for auction in November


The most expensive house in Dana Point is going up for auction in November and it’s nicknamed Casa Dall’ Oceano. Without a reserve, this means that the house will be sold to the highest bidder and the seller can’t decide to take it back if it doesn’t reach the amount that he desires – which is $23.5 million.

However, the buyer of this house doesn’t get a fully completed house. The house itself is a “shell.” What this means, is that it is up to the buyer to finish decorating the interiors such as adding a kitchen and flooring. But, the buyer also has the option of following the blueprints and finish the house with the cost of around $1.9 million.

To give you more details on the house, it was constructed this year, a 10,279-square-foot, oceanfront house at The Strand at Headlands. Moreover, the house has been the market since July with a lot of interest but no one has pulled the trigger, as mentioned on OCRegister.

The owner of the house is eager to sell the house and even mentioned he wants it gone. 

More pictures of the house:

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  • of4c1d-16005505560
  • of4c1a-16005505530

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Source: OCRegister


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