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RoboCop suit and Wolverine claw up for grabs in Sci-Fi auction


Want to own a piece of movie history today? Well now it’s your lucky chance! Special effects legend Phil Tippett is auctioning off his collection of costumes, props, and many more from movies such as “Star Wars: A New Hope,” and “X-Men: Origins.”

The auction includes a total of 400 items from Phil Tippett’s collection. Where did he get them you ask? Well, Phil Tippett is a special effects legend within the movie industry and he has worked on movies such as “Star Wars: A New Hope,” “Jurassic Park,” “X-Men: Origins,” and also “Robocop 2.”

There also many other items up for auction from unusual items such as a Velociraptor reference eye from “Jurassic Park,” to Wolverine’s claws from “X-Men: Origins.” There’s also a Starship troopers costume for any of you Star Wars fans out there.

And if you really have some money to spend, there are more fancier items up for auction.  Also head on over to Tippett’s auction over at, Propstore. The auction continues up until October 21 which ships both domestically and internationally. Be sure to check it out!

Source: CNet


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