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Unique Dubai License Sold for $9 Million Dollars


According to Bloomberg, Indian businessman Balwinder Sahani bought the license plate, D5, for 33 million dirhams ($9 million dollars) for his Rolls Royce. The Indian property management owner, Sahani, also bought another license plate , O9, for 1 million dirhams during the government auction for license plates.

The reason that license plates go for ridiculous amounts of money during these government auctions is because shorter number license plates is a status symbol in the UAE. Therefore, often times the rich and businessmen buy license plates for ridiculous amounts of money like the one Sahani has bought.

However, this is not the most expensive license plate that went off in auction. In 2008, businessman Saeed Al Khouri bought the license plate number 1 for a record 52.2 million birhams.

During this government auction, a total number of eighty license plates were auctioned off and the proceeds will go towards Dubai’s Road & Transport Authority.

Source: Bloomberg


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