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K-Pop star T.O.P curates Sotheby’s #TTTOP Hong Kong Art Auction


The guest-curated Hong Kong Sotheby’s #TTTOP art auction with K-pop star, T.O.P has pulled in $17.4 million dollars (HKD$136 million). The auction has shattered multiple records and also exceeded pre-sale high estimates of the art pieces that were part of the #TTTOP collection that was sold this past week, on October 3rd.

“Infantry” an 1983 painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat, a late American artist, was the highlight of the night as it sold for $5.98 million dollars (HKD$46.68 million). The painting was one of the many of 28 Western Contemporary Art pieces.

Part of the huge success of this art auction was thanks to K-pop star T.O.P and his massive amount of followers on social media and his huge fan base throughout not only Asia but the world. This art auction not only helped attract a younger audience to the Sotheby’s #TTTOP art auction in Hong Kong but also increased the interest from a younger audience.

Credits: Sotheby’s


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