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Bristol Township Auction Sells Historic Sunbury Home


After two bidders went toe-toe on Thursday morning at the Bristol Township, the gavel banged on the winning bid of $510,000 for the historic Sunbury estate.

The anonymous bidder who won still needs to be approved by the township council before the deal can be concluded on the gorgeous 9-acre property. The township did not have a reserve bid in the auction, but they still had the final say of approval for the winning bid.

The house, which is located at 2800 Newportville Road, was established sometime in 1700.

In the mid-1700s it housed Tench Coxe, the famous economist who was the assistant to Alexander Hamilton for the Treasury. The family’s ownership of the estate ended in 1796.

The house is the oldest structure in Bristol Township and was added to the National Register of Historic properties.

The township bought the house and added 8 acres to the 4760-square foot house in 1998. The anonymous bidder has declined to explain his future plans for the estate.


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