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VCF East Festival Showcases Ancient Computers


The VCF East (Vintage Computer Festival East) took place April 15-17 in Wall, New Jersey at the InfoAge center. The center normally houses a huge collection of vintage computers. Computers on display range from 1945-1986. The center also turns into a festival where enthusiasts and collectors show off their personal collections of classic computers and related items. The majority of the computers still operate due to some skillful restoration.

This year’s festival displayed an “Apple 1.” Even more impressive, Brian Stuart showed his WW2-era ENIAC computer. Other displays showcased different Apple II’s from around the world. Speakers at the conference included John Blankenbaker, who created the Kenbak-1. This is a little know non-microprocessor-based educational machine that some consider to be the first personal computer. Also, Ted Nelson, the man who came up with the phrase “hyper-text,” spoke at the conference. Nelson’s Xanadu system designed hyper-text, which included “jump links,” now referred to as “hyperlinks.”

This wasn’t your last chance this year to attend a VCF festival. Later this year, VCF Europa takes place in Munich in late April and VCF West will occur in Silicon Valley in early August.


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