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Last Ferrari 275 GTS/4NART Spider could sell for big numbers at auction


One of the rarest Ferraris ever built, the NART Spider, had only ten duplicates and it’s headed to auction. This car was the last of its model ever sold. The NART name is an acronym for North American Racing Team. The model came in 2nd in 1967’s 12 Hours of Sebring. The original plan by Ferrari was to build 25 of them, but only ten were made. The model was also featured in Steve McQueen’s classic, ‘The Thomas Crown Affair.”

This car was sold new to a Spanish Foreign Legion colonel and spent over a decade in Madrid. In the 1980s, it was purchased by a Swiss collector. In the 1990s, the vehicle found itself in the UK. The paint scheme has undergone a few changes as well, but the current scheme was done in 2001. The vehicle has undergone some minor changes, but still has its impressive 300-horsepower underneath the hood.

A similar model was auction at an event in 2013 for a mind-blowing $27.5 million.


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