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Auction Sells Prince Philip’s 1954 Lagonda


Against an estimate of £350,000 and £450,000, a Lagonda once owned by the Duke of Edinburgh has been sold at auction for £350,000. This is around three to four times what the original Lagonda would be worth.

Prince Philip had this old Aston Martin car modified so he could make prank calls to Prince Charles and the Queen could check her hat using a vanity mirror. The in-car telephone is no longer active, but the vanity mirror is still in place. It is said that the Duke thoroughly enjoyed making prank calls, using different voices to prank colleagues in the car. The car was Prince Philip’s personal vehicle for nearly a decade. It witnessed the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, having traveled on the Royal Yacht Britannia for a tour of the Commonwealth.

Damian Jones, the manager at auction house H&H said, “This car is a part of history and the paperwork proves it as such.” The car has 50,000 miles on the odometer and was offered for sale for the first time in nearly 40 years. It took place at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, Cambridge.


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