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O.J. Simpson football card among many items in state auction


A week long online auction held by the Illinois treasurer’s office is selling some truly rare items: South African Gold Krugerrands, a $1,000 bill with Grover Clevland on it and an O.J. Simpson football trading card…

These are just a few of the items among 12,600 items available during the auction. The property left unclaimed was turned over to the state treasurer’s office after it was in a safe-deposit box, untouched, for around five years. Brokerage firms, insurance companies and banks could not find the owners of the property. The state attempted to contact the owners, use phone numbers linked to their persons and even put ads online and in the newspaper, to no avail.

The items are a portion of over 1 million items that were stored in a vault in Springfield, Rivara. The rightful owners may have died or forgotten about the items. Stacks of trading cards featuring Sammy Sosa, Johnny Unitas, Mike Singletary and Dave Suerson were among the items. Along with the trading cards are coins, jewelry, antique bills dating back to 1902 and many other rare items.

These items can be seen and bid on at


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