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Relax! Use the Auto Bid feature and you don’t even have to be present. Take a nap! We’ll bid for you! Auto Bidding means placing your highest bid in upfront (the highest amount you are willing to pay), and BNO will automatically bid on your behalf up to the highest amount specified in increments. Because, as you know, we’re givers. BNO automatically places the lowest bid possible, while at the same time making sure you are still the winning bidder. No one but BNO knows your highest bid, so there is no danger of a seller attempting to get you to pay more for an item by placing competing bids just below your highest bid. If you are outbid, you can always insert another higher bid later on. Auto Bidding is a very safe and easy way to bid on BNO. The Auto Bid Tool is located on the Bid Ticker as well as on the Item Description pages. Simply click “On” to turn the Auto Bid tool on, place your maximum bid amount for the item in the box indicated, and click “Place Auto Bid.” Once you’ve set the maximum dollar amount you are willing to Bid, our Nobel Prize-worthy Auto Bid system will bid for you in minimum increments during the live auction until you reach the maximum amount you have placed. The Auto Bid feature bids when you have been outbid or when you are below the reserve, but only up to the maximum amount you have designated. It’s like having a friend at an auction when you can’t be there. Just don’t ask him for a ride to the airport.


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